How to intercept a secret Telegram chat Intercepting and tapping secret Telegram chats: truth or myth

According to the developers of Telegram, secret chats in the messenger are the most secure and secure way to exchange messages between users. But to understand if this is true, let's understand what secret chats are and how exactly they work.

Is it possible to hack a secret chat on Telegram

How to create and read secret chats on Telegram

It should be noted right away that you can create secret chats only in the mobile application Telegram, the desktop version does not have this option. The only way to open such a dialog on a PC is to install a smartphone OS emulator and then install the official messenger client on it.

In the mobile version of Telegram, you can immediately open secret chats without installing any additional extensions or applications. To do so:

  1. In the lower right (top right for iOS) corner, tap the new chat icon and select "New Secret Chat" from the menu that opens.
  2. Then invite the user with whom you want to exchange encrypted messages into the chat room.
  3. Your interlocutor will receive a notification that you invited him to a secret chat.
  4. In your correspondence and in the dialogs of the interlocutor, the created chat with a green lock next to the user's name will appear.

Features of secret chats

The first feature that all users notice after getting acquainted with secret chats is the deletion of messages and dialog participants. By default, Telegram only deletes messages from the user who has selected this action, and offers to delete them from the person you're talking to. In a secret chat, there is only one option to delete messages - from two users at once.

But this is not the only feature of secret chats. In such dialogs, users also have access:

  • settings to automatically delete messages at a specified time (text display period can range from two seconds to seven days);
  • Automatically receive a notification when you try to send a message from a hidden dialog or take a screenshot of it.

According to the rules of the messenger, users can create an unlimited number of secret conversations, and the participants in each such chat should be no more than two people.

Secret Telegram chats: can they be hacked?

Possible problems with secret chats

Even experienced users sometimes have problems when creating encrypted conversations. People who are not particularly versed in the capabilities of the messenger will always have a lot of questions about the use of secret chats. Let's look at the most common ones:

  • In the desktop version, there is no "New Secret Chat" option. For users of the regular web version of Telegram, this option is still unavailable. To create encrypted chats from a computer or laptop, you need to install a smartphone emulator.
  • When you try to create an encrypted chat, you get a message that the secret chat is unavailable. This means that the selected interlocutor refused to correspond with you in a secret chat.
  • The secret chat you created has disappeared from conversations. This happens when the other person in the conversation deletes the secret chat in their account.
  • Information transmitted through a secret chat has become known to third parties. There are three options here: your account was hacked, intruders gained access to your conversation partner's profile, or the other participant of the chat shared the information he or she received.
Secret Telegram chats are not displayed on your PC by default

If we talk about hacking encrypted chats, it is worth noting that this is quite a complicated process that requires a certain sequence of actions. Using many of the usual methods, it is almost impossible to read the secret chats of other Telegram users. For example, if you log in to the target user's account from your PC, you will only see his regular conversations, as well as the channels and groups he is subscribed to. Secret conversations will remain inaccessible to you in this case. But there are ways to read even encrypted conversations. We will describe them in detail below.

How to read a secret chat in Telegram with Tgtracker

As we wrote above, it is only possible to intercept, view and listen to a secret chat in Telegram by special means. And one of these is Tgtracker. The program gets access to the target subscriber's mobile traffic, intercepts the account login data, and transfers the desired account to the application emulator on a remote server. That is, Telegram itself considers such login to the profile as typical actions of the user, carried out from his main device (smartphone or tablet, from which the person all accesses the messenger).

Intercept and eavesdrop on a secret Telegram chat using Tgtracker

Hacking secret Telegram chat: a threat to users

As we discussed above, there is at least one working way to read your secret Telegram chat messages. And if you yourself don't need access to anyone else's encrypted data, it doesn't guarantee that someone else won't want to read your hidden messages.

We recommend Telegram users not to rely on the claimed privacy of the messenger developer, but to try to include as little personal information as possible in their messages. This will help preserve privacy even if intruders gain full access to your account. We also advise you not to send personal account passwords, bank card numbers, and other confidential information via messengers. After all, even deleted messages are stored on the application's servers for some time, which allows you to access them if your account is compromised.

Remember that protecting personal data is a personal issue for everyone. And shifting the responsibility for preserving important information to the developers of instant messengers is often unsafe and very inconsiderate. After all, if information is leaked, it will be you, not the programmers who created the instant messenger application, who will have to deal with the consequences.