Monitor Someone else's Location via Telegram

Geolocation Tracking App via Telegram

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To install and start tracking, specify the username or phone number to which the target account is registered:

TgTracker is the optimal solution for tracking geolocation of another Telegram user. The software allows you to monitor target user's movements. A reliable way to track any smartphone's GPS via Telegram.

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TgTracker: a Location Tracker App for Telegram
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Track moves via Telegram

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Monitor Someone else's Location via Telegram
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Telegram #1 Tracker

Location Tracker via Tgtracker
How it works

The toolkit for tracking and processing geolocation data is one of the most layered and technologically complex parts of Tgtracker functionality. After logging into a hacked account, the software starts tracking and broadcasting geodata to the Dashboard. At this point, the application tools begin to process the data so that it can then be used to display the information requested by the user. The process of tracking and adapting geodata occurs in real time, i.e. uninterruptedly.

How do I know where a Telegram user is?

The app provides travel history tracking

To find out where another person is via Telegram, it is necessary to access their smartphone geodata. Hacking geoposition via Telegram is a complicated, but doable task. Before determining a Telegram user's geo-position, the app must get permission to access their device's GPS data. At the moment, the only reliable and affordable way to establish tracking of another person's movements is the GPS tracking app via Telegram Tgtracker.

Heat Map

When you enable this tool, several additional filters are applied to Tgtracker web maps, adjusting the color of a particular area depending on how often it is visited by the Telegram user being tracked. With the default settings, the software will generate a heat map based on geodata from the last month, but the time interval can be changed.

Broadcasting Data from iP Cameras

We have connected Tgtracker to many webcam protocols scattered around the world. As a result, the software now learns to connect to enabled cameras close to the current geo-position of the target user, and broadcast images from them to the Dashboard.

Broadcast Routes from other Applications

The software constantly monitors activity in mapping applications such as Google Maps, Apple Maps and OpenSteetMap. If the application manages to track the creation of any routes, it instantly notifies the user and duplicates the route on the Tgtracker maps.

Geolocation monitoring

Location Broadcasting

The software uses a system of interactive web maps to display the actual location of devices on which the hacked Telegram account is authorized. Access to the map and geodata is available to all registered Tgtracker users. The map and all related geolocation display tools are fully adaptive, working equally stably on smartphones, tablets, and computers.

  • us Las Vegas, NV 89121, USA

    4879 Summerhill Rd

    20.12.2024 15:44

    hour ago
  • us Las Vegas, NV 89121, USA

    4801 Harrison Dr #140

    22.12.2024 18:11

    2 hours ago
  • Las Vegas, NV 89121, USA

    2389 Renaissance Dr Suite C

    22.12.2024 21:45

    day ago
  • Las Vegas, NV 89121, USA

    2166 Gabriel Dr

    23.12.2024 07:19

    day ago

Journal of visits

Displaying user's geoposition on maps

The tool is designed to track locations where the target user has been and then store this information. Location Log is a flexible tool: for example, users themselves can set the time that will be considered as the minimum to identify the event as a visit to the location. Data from the Journal can be displayed on the map in one click.

Parsing geotags from other web maps

All geotags and geoposition broadcast sessions

Application algorithms are able to read and copy geotags saved in map services installed on authorized devices. All copied geotags are then restored in the Dashboard interface. The software also copies all available information about the tags: name, description, creation date, last visited date, etc.


Tracking a group of people

Sending notifications when a tracked user has visited or left designated areas

People are around.
Skiles Brett

4.21 km from here

Quigley George

6.17 km from here

Kozey Cristian

7.25 km from here

Hintz Warren

12.29 km from here

Tgtracker users can launch up to 5 simultaneous sessions to monitor other people's geo-position. The application interface provides several location broadcast modes, each of which is the default mode, depending on the number of users being tracked. The settings can be changed or reset if necessary.

Following features are available to Tgtracker users:

Following describes the tools and features of the Tgtracker application, which are currently unparalleled in the spyware market.

Find a Lost Phone via Telegram

We didn't plan it at the development stage, but Tgtracker has become an extremely effective assistant for users who were looking for a way to track a stolen phone via Telegram. The high accuracy and minimal delay in geolocation mapping allows you to determine geolocation and predict the movement of the device.

Parental Control

Parental Control service package is an expanded version of the geo-position tracker that integrates a number of additional tracking tools and notification scenarios. For example, the software will monitor the charging status of the child's smartphone and notify the parent when the device is about to run out of power. To monitor the child's movements, parents will be prompted to specify a number of zones within which the child will be at certain hours.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I close the active sessions of my Telegram account using Tgtracker?

Yes, easily! Go to Settings > Active Sessions, and click the "Close All Sessions" button.

How often is the geodata displayed in the Tgtracker interface updated?

The software updates user's location in real time. The maximum delay in displaying the geo-positioning is usually no more than 10 seconds.

Can I duplicate tracked geotags on my Google Maps?

Yes, you can. For this you need to enable synchronization of Tgtracker with Google Maps. Once synchronization is enabled and configured (don't forget to specify that you want to synchronize tags from Tgtracker to Google Maps), all geotags will automatically be copied.