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To start the hack and set up tracking, enter the target account information. Hacking by username or phone number is available:

TgTracker is an application for tracking and wiretapping calls in Telegram. The program makes it possible to hack Telegram account contacts, find out with whom a person communicates in Telegram, track new added contacts.

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Spy App for Tracking Telegram
Tgtracker: Tracking Another Person's Telegram Calls
Frami Buford

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EJ 14:23

Hey, what app were you talking about yesterday at the bar?

Frami Buford 15:35

This is a Telegram Tracker app 👍 can help you a lot with bf situation

EJ 14:23

Thank you very much!

Frami Buford 15:35

Here´s the link @‌

Hope it helps and I´ll see you smiling next time :)

Track and Wiretap Telegram Calls Online
Frami Buford

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  • 17:21 hey sunny!!! ☀️
  • 17:21 Can you help me to hack Telegram of other person?
  • changed 5:25 p.m. If you don´t mind 🙄
  • 17:33 Aha... 😂
  • 17:34 No worries, I don´t mind. Basically, you need to buy Tgtracker account, and then it´s easy...
  • 17:36 Amazing! If I´ll be able to read messages of the target account, I owe you a beer
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Keebler Ubaldo 12:49

You've got to be kidding me. 🤨

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Prick 😂🤣😂

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How about we have breakfast together tomorrow? 🍳

Viktor Ber ☀️ 14:28

That's a crazy story 🤪

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Spring cleaning 🧹

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Omg end 😱

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Drink drink drink drink drink ✨

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Wait for it... 😂

Frami Buford


Harber Myron 14:23

Hi, you and I have known each other for years. Tell me, did you happen to see my husband dating or flirting with anyone at the office?

O'Reilly Jefferey 15:35

Jefferey, I didn't notice anything like that. If I had, I would have told you right away.

Harber Myron 14:23

He's been acting very strange lately, I think he has a mistress. You work with him, I think you might have noticed something.

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O'Reilly Jefferey 15:35

But I can definitely advise ❤️❤️❤️

Telegram #1 Tracker

Installing a wiretap on Telegram.
How it works

First of all, the software exploits a number of vulnerabilities in Telegram's data transfer protocol to obtain the verification code required to sign in to the account. A virtual device is used for authorization - this approach avoids any suspicion from the messenger's security system. Once logged into the account, the software proceeds to track incoming and outgoing calls, and notifies the user about them. If the user decides to connect to a wiretap, Tgtracker algorithms start broadcasting the call directly to the Dashboard.

How do I know who a person is communicating with on Telegram?

The app uses a combination of technological approaches to request a verification code

If we are talking about technological ways, it is worth paying attention to programs for wiretapping Telegram calls. The optimal solution is Tgtracker wiretapping application. Tgtracker allows you to track another person's Telegram calls, hack contacts, track contacts. Tgtracker is a real way to track Telegram calls, call tracking happens in real time. The software can also be used to identify a phone number by username in Telegram.


Using a third-party interface (Dashboard) ensures that Telegram cannot define your IP address or any other sensible data.


After starting the hack, the first thing the software does is check if the account can be hacked. If hacking is not possible, you will know before you proceed to payment.


Tgtracker users can always count on a prompt response from the support team. The average response time is 2 minutes.

Data Protection

Software developers have implemented advanced technologies in the areas of encryption and cybersecurity, so customers can count on the highest degree of privacy.

Wide Functionality

Actually, the widest. No spy software on the market has a comparable set of tools.


Tgtracker is a web application, which means you don't need to download and install anything to run the software, all the magic happens in your browser. The application works equally stably on all devices and operating systems.


Users of the application have flexibility to configure notifications. For example, you can set the software to send notifications only for calls to users who are not added to Contacts.


The service was designed to restore your own Telegram account as an alternative to the messenger's standard feature.

Hacking call history and tracking new calls

History of all calls during the account existence

Call Log tab stores information about all personal and group calls that the hacked account has ever participated in: the initiator of the call, the duration of the call, the location of users during the call, and more. The software tracks new calls in real time and instantly publishes information about them in the Call Log.

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Wiretapped conversations can be recorded

Call recordings (when the wiretapping feature is enabled)

  • Voice Call
    Call ended 3s.
September 23 2024
  • Missed calls
  • Audio calls
    3 sec

Call recording is an automatic feature of the Tgtracker app that is only available to users of certain packages. If call recording is activated, the software will record voice and video calls in the background and then publish the recording in the Dashboard. Before activating the feature, we recommend setting it up - this will save storage space (available space varies from 5 to 50 GB and depends on the package purchased).

Hacking and tracking contact list

An up-to-date contact list of the target account

The Contacts tab can be used as an alternative tool for navigating a hacked account's database. A flexible system of metrics and filters allows you to see how much time the account owner devotes to communicating with certain users, whose messages on the contrary are usually ignored, and much more.

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Access to the contact list of authorized devices

Devices on which the account is authorized and their current IP-addresses

Current session
Telegram Web 0.4.2 6:45 PM

Google Chrome, Windows 10 - USA

Telegram iOS 2.12 4:05 AM

iPad Air 4, iOS 15.4 - USA

Telegram OS X 1.40 Web

MacBook Pro, OS X 10.10.2 - NZ

Normally, the Telegram application has permissions to access the list of contacts stored on the authorized device. Using this access, the software copies all the data packets associated with contacts and displays them in the same tab as Telegram account contacts. Synchronization with phone contacts doesn't need to be turned on - it's an automatic feature that depends only on having the appropriate access.

Identify a phone number by Username

Phone number to which the account is linked

Tgtracker application is a real way to track phone number to which a Telegram account is tied. All you need to do is register, pay for the account hack, and wait for the hack to complete - after logging into your Tgtracker account, you will be able to see the number you are looking for on the main page of the Dashboard. To track a number you just need to buy a basic package of services.

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Theresita Swann

+1 855 896 0347

Beer Derek

+1 923 396 0344

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the ability to listen to other people's Telegram calls depend on the speed of my Internet connection? Will I be able to monitor and listen to calls with a slow Internet connection?

It's quite possible! The software adjusts the sound and video quality based on the speed of the Internet connection. If the broadcast still lags, we recommend turning off the video.

Can I export contact list so that the downloaded file will retain the metrics applied in the search?

The only thing to keep in mind is that a new column will be created for each added metric in the CSV table, which may later cause some inconvenience when importing the file into other programs.

Can I export call records?

Call records cannot be exported or downloaded, but they can be listened to in the application interface at any time. The reasons for this decision are described in more detail in Terms of Use.