A Reliable Way to Hack a Telegram Supergroup

App for Hacking Telegram Groups and Channels

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To go to the hack, provide a link to the target group or channel:

TgTracker is an application that allows any user to become the owner of someone else's Telegram group. In order to hack a channel or a group, all you need to do is specify its public link.

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Spy App for Tracking Telegram
Tgtracker: Hack a Telegram Group or Supergroup
Frami Buford

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EJ 14:23

Hey, what app were you talking about yesterday at the bar?

Frami Buford 15:35

This is a Telegram Tracker app 👍 can help you a lot with bf situation

EJ 14:23

Thank you very much!

Frami Buford 15:35

Here´s the link @‌tgtracker.com

Hope it helps and I´ll see you smiling next time :)

A Reliable Way to Hack a Telegram Supergroup
Frami Buford

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  • 17:21 hey sunny!!! ☀️
  • 17:21 Can you help me to hack Telegram of other person?
  • changed 5:25 p.m. If you don´t mind 🙄
  • 17:33 Aha... 😂
  • 17:34 No worries, I don´t mind. Basically, you need to buy Tgtracker account, and then it´s easy...
  • 17:36 Amazing! If I´ll be able to read messages of the target account, I owe you a beer
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Keebler Ubaldo 12:49

You've got to be kidding me. 🤨

Wuckert Patrick 11:19

Prick 😂🤣😂

Reilly Henri 12:34

How about we have breakfast together tomorrow? 🍳

Viktor Ber ☀️ 14:28

That's a crazy story 🤪

Dmitry Sero️ 14:28

Spring cleaning 🧹

Lebsack Jared 15:44

Omg end 😱

Johnson Lucio 16:17

Drink drink drink drink drink ✨

Feil Ronny 18:01

Wait for it... 😂

Frami Buford


Harber Myron 14:23

Hi, you and I have known each other for years. Tell me, did you happen to see my husband dating or flirting with anyone at the office?

O'Reilly Jefferey 15:35

Jefferey, I didn't notice anything like that. If I had, I would have told you right away.

Harber Myron 14:23

He's been acting very strange lately, I think he has a mistress. You work with him, I think you might have noticed something.

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O'Reilly Jefferey 15:35

But I can definitely advise tgtracker.com ❤️❤️❤️

Telegram #1 Tracker

The described process is equally relevant for hacking groups and channels

The fundamental difference between the mechanics of group hacking and standard account hacking is due to messenger security rules: to transfer ownership, the group owner's account must be authorized on the device for at least 24 hours. When hacked via Tgtracker, the user is immediately able to manage the group, and the ability to change the group owner is unlocked one day after the hack (the software will send the user a notification).

Hacking a Telegram group: is it possible?

Allows Telegram channel owners to access the API key of any telagram bot.

More than that! You can hack a supergroup in Telegram and then change admin rights to become its only owner. To become the owner of someone else's Telegram channel or someone else's group, just hack a Telegram group through a Telegram group hacking app. Before stealing a Telegram group, make sure that the chosen Telegram channel stealing program is really effective and reliable. Research shows that the real working way to steal a Telegram channel is the Tgtracker app. The functionality of the app also allows you to hack and track a bot in Telegram.

Role and Permission Management

The ability to remove and add administrators is the first thing the software offers users after a group or channel hack is complete. Important: Keep in mind that Telegram notifies users if their role in group management changes. A good way to keep hacks secret, but limit administrators' options is to regulate the permission list.

Become a Telegram Channel Owner

When a channel is hacked, the user gets access to publication statistics and information about the dynamics of subscriptions and views. In the TgTracker Dashboard, this data can be viewed as an infographic or data table (the table, by the way, can also be downloaded as a CSV file). Channel management is also available in standard and secure modes.

Telegram Interaction History

All information regarding the bots installed in the group or channel is available in the corresponding tab of the Dashboard. For each bot, the history of its interactions with participants/subscribers is displayed. The software tracks and displays the most frequent interaction scenarios for bots that regularly use the bot.

Hack a group or supergroup

Changing the channel administrator

There are two hacking modes in the application: standard hacking involves a series of actions, at the end of which the group ownership rights are transferred to the Telegram account specified by the user; in safe hacking, all management and interaction with the group data is performed through the Tgtracker Dashboard interface. Using the second mode guarantees full anonymity of hacking and preservation of confidentiality in further management of the group.

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Full message history

Access to full database of a channel

  • 18:33 Tag a friend you know will pass
  • 18:33 If I ever said that ... 🤔
  • changed 6:35 p.m. Call me when.
    you want
  • 18:37 Yes or no 💞 by the way, the first kind!!! 🥰
  • 18:39
    good morning ☀️

Software restores all messages ever sent to the group chat. This is especially true for supergroups - the software is able to recover messages that were sent before the group status changed. For more in-depth navigation, the Tgtracker interface integrates a search engine, through which you can search for messages by keyword, sender, date, type (polls, bot messages, link, etc.).

Track deleted messages

Monitor messages that have been forwarded to multiple users

Tgtracker app is a universal way to recover deleted messages in a Telegram group chat. After hacking a group, the software automatically restores and displays in the Dashboard all messages that were sent in the chat and later deleted. In addition to the content, a range of data is published for each message: time of sending, time of deletion, the user who deleted it (the account owner or one of the administrators).

Account deleted

Saw what I had to try 🤣 💕 🦙

Account deleted

🦋 ✨ 💘 Get ready with me 🦋 ✨

Account deleted

Everything was yellow...💛✨

Account deleted

Who do you want to hug 🥰 💕

Change group status and description

Editing channel ID and description



147604 subscribers


List of official channels with information



After a hack is complete, users can start managing the group immediately. Consider ability to change status through adjusting the group's publicity settings, many users prefer to make the group private until they become full owners of it. Editing the description and adding contacts to it, for example, allows you to instantly start negotiating the publication of promotional posts.

Track contacts of subscribers

Table with the data of all users who have subscribed to the channel

After accessing the group or channel database, the Tgtracker application parses all available data about members and subscribers. In the Dashboard, the data is published as a table containing the following columns: Username, Phone number; Time and date of joining/subscribing. Number of messages sent (for groups). The list can be downloaded to the device in CSV table format.

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Quickly adding new bots

Copy bot's API key to integrate in any channel or group

June 02
BotFather 21:35

Done! Congratulations on your new bot.
Just make sure the bot is fully functional before you do it.

Use this token to access the HTTP API:
1472355179:AAFDS2Lb7Dzq6 LOj9l7HLqcyrqxy44V-d21

Keep your token safe and store it securely, it can be used by anyone to control your bot.

The Tgtracker Dashboard is the optimal solution for integrating new bots into group or channel management. To add a bot to a Telegram channel, all you have to do is specify a link to a similar bot and click the "Copy and Add" button, and the software will take care of the rest. By the way, once you have finished copying the bot, you will be able to change its configurations using the app's special tools.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a fundamental difference between managing a hacked group via the Tgtracker interface and managing it directly via Telegram?

Yes. When controlling a group or channel via the Dashboard, users remain anonymous. Authorizing and performing any actions through the Telegram interface will result in de-anonymization of user data (IP address, device data).

Can I hack multiple groups and channels at the same time?

Sure! To do this, you need to log in to the Dasboard, go to Settings and create additional hacking sessions.

Can I hack another person's Telegram account and gain access to control all the channels they manage?

You can, but this functionality is only available to users who have purchased a package that includes this.

Is the list of channel subscribers exported from Tgtracker suitable for import into other applications and programs?

Yes, the exported list of subscribers is essentially a typical CSV table for importing a user base.