Hack Another Person's Telegram Account

Spy App for Tracking Telegram

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To activate the hack and set up tracking, enter the username or phone number linked to the target account:

Tgtracker is a spy software for monitoring Telegram activity of other people. Using the app, you can track IP via Telegram, track location of authorized devices, find out who the person is communicating with in Telegram.

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Spy App for Tracking Telegram
Hack Another Person's Telegram Account
Frami Buford

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EJ 14:23

Hey, what app were you talking about yesterday at the bar?

Frami Buford 15:35

This is a Telegram Tracker app 👍 can help you a lot with bf situation

EJ 14:23

Thank you very much!

Frami Buford 15:35

Here´s the link @‌tgtracker.com

Hope it helps and I´ll see you smiling next time :)

Tgtracker: set up surveillance of any Telegram account
Frami Buford

was(s) recently

  • 17:21 hey sunny!!! ☀️
  • 17:21 Can you help me to hack Telegram of other person?
  • changed 5:25 p.m. If you don´t mind 🙄
  • 17:33 Aha... 😂
  • 17:34 No worries, I don´t mind. Basically, you need to buy Tgtracker account, and then it´s easy...
  • 17:36 Amazing! If I´ll be able to read messages of the target account, I owe you a beer
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Keebler Ubaldo 12:49

You've got to be kidding me. 🤨

Wuckert Patrick 11:19

Prick 😂🤣😂

Reilly Henri 12:34

How about we have breakfast together tomorrow? 🍳

Viktor Ber ☀️ 14:28

That's a crazy story 🤪

Dmitry Sero️ 14:28

Spring cleaning 🧹

Lebsack Jared 15:44

Omg end 😱

Johnson Lucio 16:17

Drink drink drink drink drink ✨

Feil Ronny 18:01

Wait for it... 😂

Frami Buford


Harber Myron 14:23

Hi, you and I have known each other for years. Tell me, did you happen to see my husband dating or flirting with anyone at the office?

O'Reilly Jefferey 15:35

Jefferey, I didn't notice anything like that. If I had, I would have told you right away.

Harber Myron 14:23

He's been acting very strange lately, I think he has a mistress. You work with him, I think you might have noticed something.

Unread message
O'Reilly Jefferey 15:35

But I can definitely advise tgtracker.com ❤️❤️❤️

Telegram #1 Tracker

Track a Telegram account.
How does it work?

The software uses a combination of unique technologies to intercept the verification code. Tgtracker instantly accesses the code by using a vulnerability in the data transfer protocol applied to deliver the verification code, and uses it to authenticate to the account on a virtual device. Once authorized, the app instantly deletes the message that contains the code. Thus, the hack stays unnoticed by the account owner. The software copies the entire account database in real time and deploys it to the Dashboard. After user logs into his Tgtracker account, the application starts to constantly broadcast updates from the hacked account. The software provides a positive result in more then 90% of hack requests.

How to track Telegram online?

Online tracking without access to device. Download full account history in an archive.

Telegram tracker is a universal application used to track the activity of someone else's Telegram account. It provides comprehensive access to the account database: messages, files, information about the last time a Telegram user was online, etc. If you decide to hack Telegram, first make sure the software you use is reliable - it should have a clearly described list of features, clear and consistently written documentation (Privacy Policy, Terms of Use). We recommend finding a decision that guarantees anonimity and confidentiality of the tracking process.


Hacking Telegram is now possible without prepayment. We decided to abandon this common approach for greater customer convenience. TgTracker requires to make payment only after user has gained full access to the profile history. Using special technologies will help to minimize losses caused by crashing the session.


This service is one of the most stable solutions on today´s market. Clients have access to a powerful tool that has a well-thought-out architecture and has passed multiple tests. The administration constantly monitors and analizes experience of users and makes adjustments if necessary.

System Requirements

The developers of TgTracker were tasked with creating a service with a set of features sufficient to remotely hack Telegram, as well as demonstrating high performance and low resource consumption. Now Internet users can hack Telegram with a minimum amount of resources.

Regular Updates

The service is regularly updated so that its efficiency is constantly improved. Our experts work continuously to improve the software, trying to achieve the highest level of fault tolerance. The TgTracker runs through the website, so updates are implemented automatically and you don't have to install them yourself.

Track Telegram messages

Software tracks correspondance just by username or phone number

The app provides comprehensive access to message history: it retrieves all messages ever sent, including edited and deleted messages. Tools for playing voice and video messages are integrated into the application interface. All new messages in the account are tracked and duplicated in the Dashboard within seconds of being sent to the chat.

More on how to read other people's correspondence
  • 18:33 Hi, a few questions!
  • 18:33 How do you like when a person who you know for two days asks you suspicious questions?
  • changed 6:35 p.m. And can you tell me if it's possible to hack other person´s messages on
  • 18:37 Ha-ha😂
  • 18:39

    Telegram #1 Tracker

    Online Telegram Messages Hacking App: ‌tgtracker.com

Hack a Telegram group

An app for hacking a Telegram channel

Medhurst Julien


Denis Suroegin

was(s) recently

ademoiselle Caroline

was(s) recently

Yulia Usova

was(s) recently


was(s) recently

In order to be able to add or deletele group or channel administrators, Tgtracker hacks the account of its owner. Hacking is possible even if you do not know who the owner of the group is: the application uses a special bot that tracks the group's ownership information by link.

Learn how to hack a group or supergroup

Track location

Find out where a Telegram user is

Location tracking is one of the key functions of the software, a basis for a number of other functions and tools. Using it, users can find out where the owner of a Telegram account was going in the past few weeks, or track the current geo-position of his smartphone. The Tgtracker team guarantees high speed and accuracy of the displayed geolocation.

Detailed description of geotracking functionality
  • us Las Vegas, NV 89121, USA

    4879 Summerhill Rd

    20.12.2024 15:44

    hour ago
  • us Las Vegas, NV 89121, USA

    4801 Harrison Dr #140

    22.12.2024 18:11

    2 hours ago
  • us Las Vegas, NV 89121, USA

    2389 Renaissance Dr Suite C

    22.12.2024 21:45

    day ago
  • us Las Vegas, NV 89121, USA

    2166 Gabriel Dr

    23.12.2024 07:19

    day ago

Monitor calls in Telegram

Find out who a person called to

Bogan Abdul (2)


Koss Lowell


Mademoiselle Caroline

Outgoing (2 min.)

Brown Jarod


EJ (2)

Outgoing (4 min.)

This unique Tgtracker tool is a universal solution for spying on another person on Telegram. The software constantly monitors new voice calls, video calls, group calls, and video conferences. Detailed information about the calls is recorded in the "Call Log" tab. Users of specific service packages can wiretap and record calls..

Read about how to wiretap Telegram calls

Account recovery

Recover a deleted Telegram chat online

The functionality of the application perfectly fits for those who want to restore a Telegram account without a phone number. The software only needs a link to the target account. In addition to restoring access to the account, users get access to multiple Tgtracker tools: they can be very handy for archiving account data and viewing new messages without logging into the Telegram account.

How to restore access to a Telegram account
November 12
Telegram 21:35

Verification code: 7654432.
Warning: do not share this code with anyone, even if it is requested on behalf of Telegram!

This code is used to sign in to your Telegram account. It is never needed for anything else.

If you did not ask for a login code, ignore this message.

Logging in from a new device.
We detected logging into your account from a new device on 24/07/2024 в 14:18:11 UTC.

Unique Features

The following describes the tools and features of the Tgtracker application, which are currently unparalleled in the spy software market.

Track comments

The application's algorithms instantly broadcast to the Dashboard all new comments left by a user under any publication. Tgtracker monitors all comments, regardless of the privacy settings of the channel in which the comment was left. In Settings you can change the format of displaying comments - for example, the software can broadcast not only the comments themselves, but also branches of comments, in which it was left.

Simultaneous hacking of multiple accounts

Creating and running multiple hacking and tracking sessions simultaneously is a feature that both saves money and time. The duration of a hack of several accounts does not exceed the time it takes to hack one account. Also this approach significantly reduces the cost of hacking one Telegram account, the more sessions you launch, the lower the price of one session goes.

Accessing data stored on the device

The application downloads and duplicates in the Dashboard a whole layer of data stored on the devices where the hacked account is authorized. The content of the data archive is controlled by the user: using filters (there are over 20 of themin total), you can specify the types of data you´re interested in, which will then be used by the software to organize the data archive.

The app is compatible with any device

Tgtracker's interface and built-in web maps automatically adapt to any screen resolution, and the security protocols assigned to the site ensure that it coexists comfortably with all browsers, operating systems, mobile operators and antivirus programs.

Enjoy Advanced Monitoring Features


Global Customer Support

Our team appreciates each customer, focuses on accuracy of service and strives for continuous improvement of the app.


Satisfaction Level

According to a recent survey, that's the number of customers who want to use the app again. We appreciate that number.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Tgtracker track and display messages that were sent but then deleted by the user?

Yes, the Tgtracker app saves all of the tracked information. The data is stored on our servers, so it´s safety does not depend in any way on the actions of the hacked user.

Can I access the data stored in the memory of the device authorized in the hacked account?

You can! The extent of access depends on the permissions given to the Telegram app. Telegram has full access to device memory. Tgtracker, in turn, gives users full access to any data stored on the device.

Will I be able to find out when a person was last online on Telegram using the Tgtracker app?

Yes, you can. All data about active authorization sessions is available for viewing in the "Session Log" tab.

Is there any chance that the user will detect the hack because I accidentally expose myself during a voice call?

No, this is not possible. The point is that the Tgtracker user does not interact with Telegram directly. In fact, the software broadcasts the conversation from the Telegram interface to the Tgtracker interface.


star star star star star5

I have been using Tgtracker for the third year. The main reason is cool interface and responsive team. Several times I contacted them with various questions, received a prompt and competent response...

instagram Instagram
star star star star star5

Thank you so much for this app, it has greatly simplified my routine! I use zone monitoring to keep track of my husband - works perfectly, notifications come instantly...

facebook Facebook
Gleason Gregg
Gleason Gregg
star star star star star5

The most important thing is that it is really anonymous, first I could not believe it. For months now I have been secretly watching the movements of my dear girlfriend, she seems to suspect nothing...

instagram Instagram
star star star star star5

Bought Tgtracker after I lost all hope of tracking my lost iPhone through Apple's services. How surprised I was when the app instantly showed me the last geolocation of my smartphone before it was turned off! I ended up being able to find it and get it back. Thanks to the developers!

instagram Instagram
star star star star star5

I used an affiliate program! I posted a link in a Facebook group, several people used it to buy the application, and I even ended up earning about $20. I withdrew it to PayPal, everything is fair!

facebook Facebook
star star star star star5

I lost my phone when I was in another country. The operator refused to restore the number without going to the office with my passport! I found a way out and restored it through this app. I am very happy with the result. Fast and reliable.

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You can use a smartphone, tablet, or laptop to access the software. It is important the device to works with one of the following operating systems: iOS, Android, Windows, MacOS. To download the hacked database, you may need up to 2 GB of free disk space. The service demonstrates a high level of fault tolerance, which is confirmed by the positive customer reviews.

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