Retrieve Access to a Telegram account Online

Recover Deleted Messages in Telegram

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Enter the username or phone number to which the account is linked, and then click the Launch button:

TgTracker is a reliable way to restore access to Telegram account without an authorization code. You can get a Telegram authorization code from the application interface. The software allows you to restore deleted chats, messages and subscriptions in Telegram.

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Retrieve Access to a Telegram account Online
Recover Deleted Messages in Telegram
Mikhail Golubev

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King Leland 14:23

What solution can you offer?

Mikhail Golubev 15:35

The app I´ll send you makes it possible to transfer the profile history in case of loss of the smartphone or SIM card. The standard procedure involves specifying an authorization code sent in the form of SMS to the number linked to the account.

King Leland 14:23

Huh, so which app is it?

Mikhail Golubev 15:35

Use this ‌

It´s pretty universal way to restore any Telegram account and deleted data

Retrieve Access to a Telegram account Online
Mikhail Golubev

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  • 17:21 Hey Mike! I am in trouble, urgently need to access my Telegram but I´ve lost the linked number
  • 17:21 Maybe you know any solutions?
  • changed 5:25 p.m. It can save me a lot of time
  • 17:33 Aha... 😂
  • 17:34 Of course, dear 😊 Check Tgtracker for this kind of things
  • 17:34 It´s quite secure and they ask very reasonable money 🙂
  • 17:36 That´s so helpful, thanks a lot!
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Mikhail Golubev


Schimmel Dagmar 14:23

Built-in algorithms monitor mobile operator traffic and intercept all system requests. This procedure is automated and does not require any intervention from the client.

Mikhail Golubev 15:35

The windows are too clean 😳 On my 10/10 block you need to watch it 😎

Schimmel Dagmar 14:23

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Restoring a Telegram account.
How does it work?

To gain access to the account data, the software uses a number of approaches that aim to intercept a message with an authorization code. Upon receiving the code, the software authenticates into the target account on a virtual device. Using a virtual device is the key factor that allows Tgtracker to retain access to the account data: Telegram's security system does not identify authorization on a virtual device as suspicious activity, and does not request additional verification.

How to restore deleted Telegram messages?

Access account history from a backup.

Restore Telegram messages is a task that not every spy software can do. In order to recover deleted Telegram messages, the application needs to access the account database. Due to the high cost of development, finding an stable solution for remote restoring of Telegram accounts is not easy at all. A proven and reliable way is Telegram Recovery App Tgtracker. The program for recovering deleted correspondence works without a phone number and access to the devices where the account is authorized.

Database navigation and download capability

The web interface of the application offers a new alternative approach to viewing account data. In addition to the standard message and file search, an intuitive database navigation system is available in the Dashboard, in which all data packages are presented as folders. The database can also be downloaded to your device as a RAR archive.

Authorization session history and management

Session history is a handy tool to keep track of who has logged into your Telegram account. For each session, information about the start time, duration, IP address, and device is shown. Right from the Dashboard, users can delete currently active sessions and get an activation code to create new ones.

Viewing and managing messages

Tgtracker is the optimal solution for reading messages unnoticed by the sender or marking messages in Telegram as unread. The message status changes instantly, and any activity in the interface of the application is in no way shown by the status of the Telegram account activity.

Instant access restoring

Remote account recovery

After the software is authorized in the account, the user will receive a notification informing him that he can proceed to restore access. First, you need to log in to your Tgtracker account, then open Telegram and enter the phone number linked to the account, copy the actual code from the Dashboard, enter it in Telegram and... done, the access is restored.

November 12
Telegram 21:35

Verification code: 7654432.
Warning: do not share this code with anyone, even if it is requested on behalf of Telegram!

This code is used to sign in to your Telegram account. It is never needed for anything else.

If you did not ask for a login code, ignore this message.

Logging in from a new device.
We detected logging into your account from a new device on 24/07/2024 в 14:18:11 UTC.

Get back a stolen Telegram account or channel

Restoring administrator and channel owner rights

Wisozk Darion


Kessler Gay

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Mademoiselle Caroline

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Stracke Jaden

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In situations where users need to regain access to an account that has been taken over by someone else, the software adds one extra step to the regain access scenario - after logging into the account on the virtual device, the app instantly deletes any other active sessions of the account. To access the functionality, you must pay for the appropriate package of services.

Recover deleted messages and chats

Ability to return deleted chats and messages

Like most of modern messengers, Telegram stores deleted messages in the account database, even when someone has decided to delete them. Thanks to the fact that Tgtracker interacts directly with the account database, restoring deleted messages becomes available to all users of the app. Users can open the "Message History" tab and click the appropriate button to restore all deleted messages at once.

Deleted account

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Deleted account

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Deleted account

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Deleted account

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Reset Telegram password

Reset the old password and create a new password used for two-factor authentication

November 08
Telegram Password 19:47

To register, the bot requests access to your personal information.

To protect your data with encryption, set a password.

This password will also be prompted when you sign in to Telegram from a new device.

Login from a new device.
We detected logging into your account from a new device 12/04/2024 в 14:18:11 UTC.

The functionality of the Tgtracker application allows you to recover a forgotten password for two-factor authentication. To do this, just find the appropriate tab in the Dashboard (in Settings or via Quick Search) and click the "Reset Password" button. The software will then generate and create a new password that can be used for instant authentication.

Restore deleted secret chat

The message history can be downloaded to your device

Secret chat recovery is a feature of Tgtracker that is unique even in today's ultra-developed spy software market. The application allows you to track all the secret chats the account owner has ever participated in. The software decrypts data of chats and make them available for viewing (it takes no more than 20 minutes on average to decrypt a chat).

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Telegram OS X 1.40 Web

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Tgtracker app suitable for me, if I need to get my stolen Telegram channel back?

Yes, it works! Once you've regained access to target account, you'll be able to change the executives of the channel you own, and at the same time create a strong password to avoid channel theft in the future.

Will I be able to reuse Tgtracker to get an authorization code for Telegram account?

Yes. However, it is important to remember that any interaction with account data via Tgtracker is possible as long as there is an active authorization session to the account created by the software. If you accidentally delete the session, access to the data will be denied.

Does the app have a limit on the number of deleted messages recovered?

No, users can restore an unlimited number of chats and messages.

Can I change the two-factor authentication password through the Tgtracker interface?

No, but you can reset the password, then use a new automatically generated password to sign in to the account, and then create a new password through the Telegram interface.